Star S150

Star S150

Sokak Süpürme makina




-engine turbo diesel mod. Kubota V1505- (nº4 cylinders,1498 cc,33 kW(44hp)water cooling.
-hydaulic drive with variable displacement pump and tow rear-wheel drive and double speed.
-transfer speed 30 km/h
-working speed 12 km/h
-max slope 30%.
-cabin with heating and air conditioning system.
-sweeping system composed by 2 rotating brushes OPT third brush.
-turbine power unit with high prevalence with a flow of 5000 mc/h.
-dust suppression system.
-water tank with 220 liters of cabacity.
-waste container of 1 cubic meter volume net.
-discharching height 1520 mm.
-size 3450 x 1250 x 1990 mm.
-working with 1250 to 1800 mm.
-front attachment plate for 3rd brush and other optional.
-road license.


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